Message: “Nothing Can Separate Us” from Phil Severn

Phil Severn - May 7, 2023

Nothing Can Separate Us

God promises in Romans chapter 8 that not even death can separate us from His love. Because that is true, the love of God must be incredible! In today's message, Pastor Phil encourages us that God's love is greater than we can comprehend--and for those of us who know Jesus Christ, that love can never be ended or taken away. Our salvation is secure in Christ.

Scripture References: Romans 8:35-39

From Series: "Identity: A Series in Romans 8"

Where do you find your identity? It can be tempting to find our identity in our career, our relationships, or our hobbies. In Romans 8, we learn that when we have a relationship with Jesus and are indwelt with the Holy Spirit, we have a new identity. We are no longer under condemnation. We are adopted into God's family as his children. We have a promised inheritance. We have a new purpose. And we have a new power, help through the Holy Spirit to live a life of victory and experience God's comfort in the midst of difficult times. No matter what we face in life, we can have confidence that we serve a God who loves us and works all things together for the good of those who love him.

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