Phil Severn - March 27, 2022

No Longer a Slave to Fear

Love in Action: A Study in 1 John

Pastor Phil preaches from 1 John 4. Because God loved us first, we can love God, and by God's power, we can love one another. And it is only by God's power that we can do so: we need to stay connected to God--we need to walk walk with Him daily. And when we know that God's love abides in us, we don't need to live in fear.

Scripture References: 1 John 4:7-18

From Series: "Love in Action: A Study in 1 John"

How do we know if we love God?  In 1 John, John the Apostle traces the themes of Light, Love, and Life throughout the book demonstrating that a life of love involves both our vertical relationship with God and our horizontal relationship with others.  If we truly love God we will also love others and obey His commands.  In February and March we will be studying this wonderful book together in the sermons and in our Life Groups.  We would love for you to follow along with the reading plan below, utilizing the additional readings from 1 John each week as well as examining the themes of wisdom and submission through the D6 devotionals. Please join us during this series by following along in the reading and actively listening during the sermons. You can also find the sermons to follow along with the series.

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