Phil Severn - August 23, 2020

The Gospel in Action

The Gospel in Action Sermon Series: What do we do? Pastor Phil shares how God has called us to care for the poor and vulnerable, and challenges us to live with contentment, purpose, and generosity.

From Series: "What We Do"

In July and August we will be asking the question, “What do we do?” As individual Christians living in a broken world, how do we weigh the many needs that demand our attention? We all have different spiritual gifts, abilities, experiences, and passions, so how do we balance those with the needs around us? How do we engage with big issues in the world like poverty, racial injustice, the refugee crisis, the orphan crisis, and sharing the Gospel with unreached people groups? How do we engage in politics in a fruitful way? How should the church respond to these issues? While we don’t claim to have the final answers to all of these big issues, we will examine how individuals, the church, and specifically our church can start to have fruitful discussions on these topics and hopefully we will walk away with a better understanding of how God has created each of us unique, and we can utilize our own unique gifts and passions to impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please join us during this series by following along in the reading and actively listening during the sermons. You can also find the sermons to follow along with the series

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