While we monitor the situation with covid-19, we will have two services on Sundays. The first service will meet at 9:15AM in the auditorium, and in addition to our regular protocols, we ask that those sitting in the balcony and the last two rows of the auditorium wear a mask for the duration of the service. Our second service will be at 11:00 in the auditorium, and will follow our regular protocols. You will be able to watch the 9:15 service live on our Youtube channel and we will post a link to that video on our Facebook page. In case we reach the seating capacity in the auditorium, people can watch the service in the Venue with the same protocols as the auditorium.

You can find our Youtube channel here:

You can find our Facebook page here:

You can watch a video explanation of our current COVID protocols here:

 On Sunday mornings, we will livestream the 9:15 service on Youtube and post the recording on our Youtube page later in the day. We will also post a link to the livestream on Facebook. You can find our church’s Youtube page HERE:

If you are a guest, we would love to connect with you! You can fill out a connect form HERE.

**Members who are interested in serving in a ministry at North Park , can fill out a Skills and Interest Survey HERE.

If you are interested in serving at North Park, you can indicate your interest in a ministry HERE.

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Phil Severn - June 7, 2020

What is Your First Priority?

Urgency: The Life of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

From Series: "Urgency: The Life of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark"

In May and June we will be studying the Gospel of Mark together. The series is entitled “Urgency” because the Gospel of Mark moves very quickly. When you read the book, you will notice words like “immediately” and feel the rapid pace of the Gospel. In this pandemic time, I also feel there is an urgency to following Jesus. Everything else around us has slowed down and it can be easy to focus on our frustrations and lose sight of Jesus. If you don’t know Jesus, now is the time to follow him!

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