BMM Office

BMM Office

BBM Office

Annual Support $300

With God’s help, Baptist Mid-Missions seeks to build on its experience by:

  • creatively and strategically advancing the cause of Christ to the world.
  • inspiring and mobilizing local churches and individuals to actively participate in missions opportunities.
  • equipping and nurturing our Mission Family through lifelong learning.
  • developing worldwide partnerships that capitalize on our mutual dependence as the body of Christ.
  • effectively communicating the scope and quality of its worldwide ministry.

We strive for excellence at every level! The Baptist Mid-Missions family serves in more than fifty-five countries. Around the world you’ll find ministries that use unique methods to spread the gospel: aviation, radio, publications, camping, and many more. No matter the specialty, each missionary’s goal is to use evangelism, church planting, and discipleship to establish strong, biblically based Baptist churches.